Elfin Force Service is free of charge for candidates.


As an employer, you pay a Service Fee upon hiring, i.e. when the candidate accepted your offer and started to work. Our pay-as-you-go Service Fee is calculated as 30% of the candidate expectation to earn in salary stated in the profile. The amount of the Service Fee you can always see on the candidate's profile page, under the "Make a job offer" form. The Service Fee amount become fixed at the time of your first contact with the candidate via Elfin Force.

Calculation example: For hiring a NodeJS developer with the stated salary expectation of €4500, the Pay-as-you-Go Service Fee is €1350.

Free hire of Junior Level candidates

Elfin Force is committed to creating opportunities for promising Junior specialists at the beginning of their careers. This goal can be solved by gaining own invaluable experience by Junior specialist while participating in real life projects. We would be proud when Junior specialists could find their first job using our Service. As Junior specialists, we consider all the candidates with stated salary expectations in their profiles up to €2400 inclusive.