Fullstack Architect VueJS Developer

8 years of experience
Main Technology Domain - PHP
Looking for a job in Amsterdam/Netherlands Berlin/Germany London/United Kingdom Malmo/Sweden Oslo/Norway Stockholm/Sweden Zurich/Switzerland
Working from Kiev/Ukraine
Expected Salary: €7,200

Past experience

Main expertise: application architecture, complex DB queries, PHP, Laravel, VueJS
I have more thane 25 years in general of software development experience including Windows Desktop application development.
I love speed optimization tasks and am good at abstract tasks.
I prefer stable functionality against the latest.
I work with legacy code as well. Not much people are happy working with it, as it can be not that easy and surely take more time as expected.
I'm sociable and can fit in well with your team.

Expectations from new position

I would be happy adding value to your company's growth and culture to prosperity.
I'm focused on long-term relationships to serve you the best way possible.