Fullstack Junior Frontend developer/React

1 years of experience
Main Technology Domain - JavaScript
Looking for a job in Kiev/Ukraine
Expected Salary: €500

Past experience

I started learning Java script half a year ago. I'm currently learning React. It's hard to master a field you've never worked in, but I like programming. It's strange, but I felt the feelings that I experienced in childhood when I collected the designers - delight and happiness). I speak English at the level of intermediate - this level I have left since my studies at the university. From time to time I try to communicate in English with my friends so as not to forget. Additionally, I take courses. I also continue to study Java script and make my project - an anonymous social network for people with different addictions. I never give up in front of difficulties and never say the words - "I can not." For me, there are no unsolvable problems. If I can’t solve something, then I will find someone who will tell me how, this is my main quality.


I am proud that I understood and learned by my own example that everything is possible in life, you just need to make an effort and turn on the brain)

Expectations from new position

I want to find an interesting job, friendly team and decent pay. I avoid a team where the bosses are not interested in the development of their employee, where the only motivation is money. I also want to be a leader because I have been in business for a long time and I like to manage business processes, negotiate, help partners solve problems.