India's thriving IT business has resulted in a capacity shortage of skilled workers, pushing up rates across the board for IT occupations, particularly in developing fields such as AI (artificial intelligence), cloud computing, and cyber security.

The most amount of IT professionals in India expect their compensation to rise in the coming year, highlighting the country's competitive IT labor market driven by a thriving IT sector.

In 2022, IT employees in India earned an average of $48K, which was boosted by increased wages of top executives such as IT directors, who earned $80K per year.

Despite the macroeconomic instability Indian IT professionals remain seeking for a new job in the coming year, with almost 50% expected to do so and only 28% intending to keep their current position.

The IT talent shortage has also resulted in less layoffs. Most IT companies did not lay off information technology workers in the previous year, while over 60% of businesses increased their IT headcount this year.

As a global trend to hybrid working more and more Indian businesses are looking at work as something their employees do instead of a place they visit on a daily basis. Around 40% of staff now work from home three days a week, while only 20% working completely in their traditional workplaces in office. This is consistent with India's rising popularity of hybrid work.

This also make improving equality between men and women, almost half of staff disagree or feel ambivalent about their company's goals to enhance the gender balance in IT teams. More over half of those polled felt that hiring more women could assist with addressing the expertise shortage.