In an UK government initiative aimed at improving diversity in the field and reducing the skills shortfall, Visa provides financing for data science and artificial intelligence (AI) scholarships for learners from underrepresented groups.

This project intends to expand involvement in the IT industry among women, black students, handicapped students, and students from low-income families, adding much-needed diversification to the AI sector. And Visa, credit card service corporation is supporting scholarships as part of a program launched in collaboration with the Department of Science, Innovation, and Technology that will enable students to finish an advanced degree and reach the job market.

Mandy Lamb, Managing Director in UK and Ireland at Visa

Mandy Lamb, Visa's UK managing director, believes AI has the potential to improve the financial life and well-being of individuals, businesses, and the UK economy. "As a result, it’s of paramount importance that we do all we can to nurture and develop skills and talent across topics such as coding, programming and practical AI data science."

Conservative peer Jonathan Berry, Minister for AI, stated that AI and data science are dramatically redefining the way we live and work and importantly, powering our economy with high-paid jobs now and into the future".

Berry went on to say: "A technology as diverse as AI needs a diverse workforce, and our scholarship program is helping us to deliver exactly that, by investing in skills and training to strengthen our incredible British talent pool."

The scholarships, according to Louise Banahene, director of educational engagement at the University of Leeds, are a chance to boost diversity "in an industry that will only see more demand for skills and expertise in the future." The data science and AI scholarships are being offered by the University of Leeds and Loughborough University for the next academic year 2023-24.

According to Louise they believe that economic limitations should not prevent gifted learners from enrolling with them in order to contribute to finding solutions of tomorrow's global challenges. University of Leeds is committed to solving underrepresentation and is thrilled to be working to do so through their expanding scholarship offerings.